Why We Need to Challenge Educational Status Quo

“In the early 1800s, Prussia created a top-down model of education to educate the masses with an emphasis on quantity not quality. This same model was imported to the United States in the mid 1800s, and now 150 years later, our country’s education system continues to teach children in the same form, fashion and formula created generations ago.

This model of education was brilliant for the industrial revolution, but in today’s world it is wholly unacceptable. Our country’s inability to improve the way in which we teach and reach students is a result of those who are wedded in defense of the status quo.”


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Education Trends in 2014

“For people looking to “disrupt” public education, it’s become requisite to bemoan the “educational status quo” — a phrase meant to evoke images of poor kids striving against the impediments of failing schools and incompetent teachers. Those who question these disruptors’ methodologies are cast aside as hidebound intransigents who likely have some vested interest in an ossified order.”



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Benefits to Promoting Bilingualism

“Michael Booth took a few well-aimed shots at the myth of the Nordic Utopia this week. Like him, I too am married to a Dane and regularly spend time there, and I can testify to one thing that they definitely get right: their school language policy.”


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“Education is the key” for women in America

“Education is the key to a better quality life in America. This is especially true for women, particularly the millions of them who are living on the brink of poverty — one illness, one home repair or one lost paycheck away from economic ruin.

I have seen the cycle of poverty firsthand. As a longtime educator, I have seen teenagers drop out of school to have a child, only to see that same child follow in her mother’s footsteps 16 years later.

For these women, a college education would be the surest way out of poverty and to break this sad family cycle. One example has stuck with me for years because it shows just how powerful education can be in a woman’s life.”


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Immigrants Drawn by Education and Quality of Life

“That is backed up by the numbers: According to Chinese banking statistics, investable wealth in the Asian country has grown from $6.9 trillion in 2008 to a whopping $16.6 trillion last year. Today, an estimated 700,000 Chinese citizens qualify as “high net worth,” and 60 per cent of those are looking overseas to either invest or emigrate.

And when it comes to attracting the attention of increasingly savvy investors looking to make the permanent move across the Pacific, money often takes a (logical) back seat to the usual set of lifestyle factors — ones that can ultimately determine whether or not these investors will make landfall in Canada.”


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Montreal Students Earn Recognition

“Two students at the Marymount Adult Education Centre of the English Montreal School Board have received the Adult Education Award from Delta Kappa Gamma Society (DKG) International’s Quebec chapter, known as Gamma Province: Viorica Negru and Zainab Abbas.

Negru and Abbas, both immigrants, are studying to improve their English-language skills at Marymount at the same time as they are taking academic courses and raising families. The awards were presented on Dec. 18. 2013, by Rena Entus, past president of Gamma Province, and Barbara Angus, scholarship chair.”


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Developments in Middle East Education

“While the jury is still out on the success, largely because success in higher education can never be measured overnight, the experiment is nonetheless bold and the desire to improve higher education worthy of praise and encouragement. The curriculum and research focus, of most institutions has centered around innovation and technological impact. This desire and focus, while lofty, has meant that there is not enough focus to date on addressing some of the grandest challenges of our time, including pervasive and high value challenges in global health. I believe that there is a unique opportunity for well-resourced universities in the Middle East to change the status quo and make an unprecedented and lasting impact on the world through innovation in global health. I will make my case using the following four arguments.”


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Mother’s Petition to Improve Math Education in 2014

“As with most parents, we send our children to school with the blind faith that the system will help nurture our children’s education through strengthening of fundamental skills – reading, writing, arithmetic – and inspiring further learning and understanding of the intricate workings of this complicated yet beautiful world. And like most parents, we have ourselves been through the system and can attest to the valuable role the schools have in our acquisition and mastering of the fundamentals from which we forge our own path to success.”


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Recapping Top BC Education Stories of 2013

“The past year was a great year to be writing about public education in B.C. and elsewhere.

In B.C., a new minister was appointed, followed by the appointment of a new deputy minister. In the parlance of school report cards, new Education Minister Peter Fassbender has a track record of “playing well with others,” having chaired, co-chaired or been a member of many serious public service committees that dealt with potentially troublesome policy and financial issues at one time or another.”


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Big Education Stories to Follow in 2014

“One of the best things about school is that it’s the only place where the beginning of the year comes twice. September is about hope, the buying of fresh supplies and vows to study and eat healthy lunches. January is for resetting the first three months – and forecasting. What will be the most interesting issues in education before we all make like Alice Cooper? Here are five predictions.”


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2013 Recap: 9 Best Education Articles

“Sometimes, it takes a longer article to illuminate something as complex as education in America. Here are nine articles from 2013, covering everything from public policy to teaching practice. Many of the lessons highlighted by these writers will remain relevant in 2014 and beyond.”


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Long-Term Benefits of RESPs

“Another very thoughtful gift my family benefited from were regular contributions from grandparents to the children’s Registered Education Savings Plans (RESPs). Like those of most parents, our budget was very tight and we welcomed the monetary gifts that not only helped grow the RESP but also ensured the children received the maximum in Canada Education Savings Grants from the federal government.

Today, with all three children graduated, or in the process of graduating from the university of their choice, we are thankful for the foresight of our parents in resisting the allure of Tickle Me Elmo and giving our children the gift of education.”


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Educational Apps for Children

“Kids these days have a penchant for high-tech and would rather play with smartphones and tablets than board games and building blocks.”


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Creative Thinking Education From Around the World

“Does creativity come from within or is it a skill which can be developed? Creative education is currently considered very effective. In this edition of Learning World we look at some examples.”



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Emily Carr To Open Satellite Campus In Whistler

“After shutting the door on a stand-alone Whistler university, council has opened its arms to partner with one of the most prestigious art schools in the country.

It’s designed to start off small, with a proposed two-week satellite studio program on the shores of Alta Lake next summer. But there’s no doubt both Emily Carr University of Art + Design and the Resort Municipality of Whistler see this as the beginning of a long-lasting partnership.”


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“50 Different Views of Education”

“Education sprouts in many forms depending on how you look at it. Our views of what it should look like and how it should materialize depend on our value of it and our experience with it.

What if a class consisted of words that led to information that whirled into blended realms of creativity set up just for students, created by students. The students then dictated what they learned instead of reluctantly ingesting information and standards imposed upon them.”


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Female Education In Saudi Arabia Improves

“Saudi Arabia has spent billions of dollars to improve women’s education, part of a broader drive to empower young Saudis for the marketplace. That has meant improved campuses, better facilities and research programs and a slight expansion in the curriculum for women. For years, Saudi King Abdullah has been making startling, if incremental, moves to ease restrictions on women in the kingdom, where the word of strict ultraconservative Wahhabi clerics is virtually law.”


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VentureBeat’s Coverage of Education Technology

“The editors of VentureBeat, a media company that covers disruptive technology and explains why it matters in our lives, today announced the launch of an Education Technology channel. With partner support from Apollo Lightspeed, VentureBeat becomes the first major technology news organization to dedicate a channel to how technology is transforming the global education market.

“We have been planning this launch for quite some time,” said Dylan Tweney, Editor-in-Chief, VentureBeat. “Education Technology represents one of the fastest-growing areas of technology investment right now. It’s also one, like Health IT, in which we’ve shown great leadership, with stories that have taken both mainstream media and competing specialty technology media by surprise.”

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Educational Outreach Program wins 2nd Prestigious Award

“Elephant Thoughts Educational Outreach has received the 2013 Donner Canadian Foundation Award for Excellence in the Delivery of Education for their First Nations and Inuit Education programs.

Out of 477 total applicants, 92 in the category of education, Elephant Thoughts Educational Outreach was chosen to be the best based on program delivery, innovation, financial management, and results. The seven category awards, the overall William H. Donner Award for Excellence in the Delivery of Social Services, and the Peter F. Drucker Award for Non-Profit Management were presented by the Honourable David C. Onley, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, on Friday December 6, 2013 in the offices of the Lieutenant Governor at Queen’s Park in Toronto.”


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