The Canadian Education Network (CEN) ģ is an educational counselling and student support service that was originally established with major financial contribution from the Government of Canada. Today CEN is privately owned and its primary mission is to assist students in their search for higher education in Canada and the US and ensure success in their studies. Founded in 1994 in Vancouver, BC, CEN today operates in all major markets and has partnerships with select institutions in Canada and the USA.

"CEN" and the "Canadian Education NetworkĒ are registered trademarks of the Canadian Education Network Inc.

The CEN Advantage

With so many quality universities and colleges in Canada and such a diverse climate and geography, it is often difficult for a student to choose the ideal location, school and program for their studies.

CEN with its experience over 25 years knows the differences between institutions, their programs and their admission criteria. Based on this information, and upon evaluation of the studentís credentials, CEN is able to recommend and secure placement at institutions that best suit each candidate to meet their educational goals.

Through its close relationships with select Canadian and US institutions, CEN has extensive knowledge of the many options available to international students.

Students can be assured that no matter what their level of education, there is an academic pathway that meets their academic goals. Our offices and staff are available to support our students and provide the services necessary for their success.

With CEN

- Programs are tailored to meet the requirements of individual students
- Close personal attention and support is given to each student
- Studentís have personal advisors and support staff for the duration of their studies
- CEN study plans are flexible so students can transfer between schools

Agricultural Programs

CEN has a history of expertise in agricultural consulting. Click here to learn more about our agri-programs.

Education Services

CEN offers a comprehensive set of services, including:

- Tutoring in ALL subjects
- English testing
- Math testing (and testing in other courses)
- Handling school applications & admission
- Visa application assistance
- Full medical & insurance support
- Document support for government sponsored or scholarship approved students
- Airport reception
- City orientation, including bank account & mobile phone set-up
- Organizing accommodation, including homestay, residence and apartment rental
- Academic advising & student counseling
- Progress Report cards & regular updates to parents
- Program planning & course selection
- Facilitating student/family vacations
- Plus moreÖ

For more information regarding how CENís services can benefit you, contact us today.

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