Canadian Education Network (CENŽ) is known for its role as a Trade Mission Organizer and its contributions in promoting Canadian education overseas, especially in the Arabian Peninsula. CEN was one of the key promoters of Trade Consortiums encouraged by the Canadian government in 1994 through the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Industry. Successful enterprises chaired by the President of CEN include: the Canadian Showhouse Consortium serving the construction industry; the Canadian Medcare Consortium serving the healthcare industry; and the Canadian Education Network.

By 2004, CEN became a brand associated with success in promoting Canadian education and training, and by 2009 both "CEN" and "Canadian Education Network" became registered trademarks.

While operating overseas, CEN recognized the need to initiate a special educational program to help the students from each target market prepare for universities in Canada. To that end, CEN developed the CEN Step, a university foundation program designed to bring the skills of foreign students up to Canadian standards. The CEN Step program has been approved by the Saudi Ministry of Education for use at international secondary schools in Saudi Arabia.

In addition to undertaking international educational initiatives, CEN has an agreement with Paragon Testing of the University of British Columbia (UBC) to market the Language Proficiency Index (LPI) test. The LPI is the only Canadian English test which stands as a strong competitor to TOEFL (American) and IELTS (British) English tests.

Besides general education, the professional staff of CEN has internationally recognized experience in the design and execution of agricultural development projects. Work performed by its senior staff in Western Asia and North Africa has been funded by the World Bank and the Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.