The Canadian Education Network (CEN) ® offers personalized tutoring services for students who want to pursue academic excellence. We give our students the tools they need to perform at a higher level in the classroom and beyond.

Our subjects include English/ESL, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Additional subjects such as French are available upon request.

As well we provide assistance with test preparation (LPI, CELPIP, TOEFL, IELTS, SSAT, SAT), provincial exams, and university admissions/transfer applications. Our tutors are highly qualified, experienced and trained on the CEN Advantage Methodology. We tailor to all levels starting from elementary to early post secondary. Below are select testimonials by CEN students:

"Thank you so much for taking the fear out of PreCalculus and actually making it fun! I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions and your dedication to my success. You explained the concepts in a way that made sense – you should write a math textbook! I look forward to working with you in the future."
  - Wendy, Student

“I was good at speaking and understanding English. My main challenge was the writing; I would think in Arabic and translating did not make it sound smooth [...] Sarah Dawn (from CEN) [who has tutored me for the last five years] has been a great tutor to help me with my English. We had a very good connection and she understood my challenges …”
  - Mohannad, CEN Student


• We have over 25 years of proven experience in the education sector servicing students and supporting them in achieving their academic goals.

• We are experts in the subject matter: We have developed our own curricula for English, Math and Physics that we license to international colleges.

• Building on our expertise we recruit tutors who not only have the credentials and experience but also a passion to execute our mission.

• We regularly assess the tutors and student’s progress to ensure objectives are met.

• We offer competitive pricing at a premium, secure and convenient location on Granville & 10th Ave. in Vancouver.

• We provide training to our tutors to ensure they are aligned with the CEN mission and Advantage methodology.

The CEN Advantage methodology ensures that the student’s needs and challenges are thoroughly assessed and addressed through a study plan that focuses on short and long term goals.

The short term goal may be achieving a high grade in a specific course; however, unless the student thoroughly understands and develops a motivation towards the subject matter, the investment will not be carried over on the long run.

Our tutors work one on one with the students to ensure that they build confidence and good study habits – as well as foundation skills that will serve their future academic and professional goals.

Our Process

Student Consultation and Assessment: We interview the student and parents (if applicable). Initial consultation can generally be conducted over the phone and followed by a meeting at our office. We provide a short assessment for the student in the subject(s) where help is required.

The purpose of the consultation is to understand immediate and long term goals, assess the level of the student’s knowledge in the subject matter, and note important timelines (e.g. Tests, Exams etc).

Tutor Assignment: We assign tutors to suit the student’s needs, schedule and other preferences.

Follow up: On a bi-weekly basis or as needed, students provide feedback to CEN to ensure tangible results and satisfaction with service. Students may request a new tutor if applicable.

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No matter where you end up Math is a critical skillset - A common issue that we have faced with our students is that they are asked to memorize and end up not able to keep up with the material. Math is not and should not be about memorizing. So we stress understanding the concepts and encourage the students to ask Why?

If it makes sense to you then it will be easy to remember, build on and apply.

Whether you’re trying to perfect your reading and or writing or simply need help with your papers, CEN tutors can assist you.

Our experience in dealing with thousands of international students for the past 15 years indicates that the weakest skill set with these students seem to be reading and writing – Whether you are challenged in gaining university admission because of English requirements or simply looking for someone to guide you through daily conversations, we can provide the support that you need. We also provide assistance with various English proficiency tests including the LPI, CELPIP,TOEFL and IETLS.

Physics and Chemistry
It is not easy to find people that can teach these two subjects passionately – so we look hard! After all, physics and chemistry are all about being practical and finding solutions to today’s real life problems.

Test Preparation
In addition to various English proficiency tests, we offer support with Provincial exams (various subjects), SSAT, and SATs. Other test preparation and subjects are available upon request.
Talk to us.

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CEN handles all aspects of tutorial scheduling with the client and tutor. Tutorial hours match the availability of the student and tutor but generally range from 2:00 pm to 8:00 pm Monday through Friday and are more flexible during weekends. Sessions are a minimum of two hours.

We are located in Vancouver directly across from the Bank of Montreal (BMO) on Granville & 10th avenue at the South Granville Business Centre. Parking is available (street meter parking and underground parking). The Canadian Education Network name is visible as you walk on the east side of Granville street between 10th and 11th avenue.

Tutorial sessions take place at our student support centre. Students and parents may request sessions to take place at their homes at an additional fee. Our session fees range from $35 to $50 per hour depending on the subject/level and location. Rates are subject to change.

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Finding good tutors who are passionate about what they teach can be time consuming. Our hand picked tutors are thoroughly screened and trained on the CEN Advantage Methodology. They share a common enthusiasm for teaching and gain great satisfaction from seeing their students succeed. Clients may request working with a specific tutor. Below are bios of select CEN tutors:

Allison Causton, BA: English and Humanities

Allison Causton has a BA in English and has been tutoring students in English and the Humanities for 5 years. She is also a CELTA certified ESL instructor who spent a year teaching English in Thailand and currently works as an ESL teacher in Vancouver, BC. Allison loves getting to know her students and assessing what kind of lessons they are in need of. She plans creative, dynamic lessons, using real examples in order to provide her students with results both inside and outside the tutoring sessions. Allison loves English Literature and her favourite lessons are the ones where she is able to discuss and explain pieces of literature her students are reading. Furthermore, Allison is interested in helping students to achieve success in their academic careers and provides guidance and practice with academic writing and university foundations preparation.

Jeffrey Huang, BSc: Math and Chemistry

Jeffrey has recently completed his Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of British Columbia. He has four years of tutoring experience ranging from classes to one on one teaching. He has taught at elementary, high school and university levels. Although he can also tutor Math and the Sciences, his passion lies with Chemistry. Having worked in the pharmaceutical industry, Jeffrey hopes that through tutoring, he can spark an interest in the students to learn more about chemistry and its applications in real life.

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Jonathan Delano, BSc.: Math and Biology

Jonathan is a recent graduate from the University of British Columbia, where he received a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. He previously studied Microbiology and Immunology during his one year of Medical School. He has been tutoring and teaching for five years, mostly in Mathematics, but also in some scientific disciplines such as biology and human physiology. Jonathan enjoys tutoring because of the great satisfaction that he gets when he sees his students understand something thoroughly. He is passionate about seeing his students improve over time, and grow more confident as well. His teaching style strikes a balance between conceptual understanding and the practical applications of the learned concepts, a strategy that has proven to be successful so far.

Kaitlin Lin: English and Writing

Kaitlin is a fourth-year student at the University of British Columbia majoring in English and Literature. She has been tutoring English for two years and is an aspiring author. Kaitlin delights in watching the progress of her students as she helps improve their literacy skills and increase their love of the English language. Her style is personal, but professional—her students feel comfortable and unafraid to ask questions or make mistakes, while also feeling secure in the quality of education they are receiving. She prioritizes meeting students' both short and long-term goals in a comfortable environment, and brings a zealousness for teaching and the English language to her lessons.

Maria Salampassis, BA: ESL Tutor

Maria has been teaching ESL for the past four years. After completing her Bachelor of Arts at the University of British Columbia, she spent one year teaching English in Korea. Since then she has continued to pursue her love of teaching English with a multi-cultural group in Vancouver. Maria enjoys facilitating her students’ goals by helping them attain the language fluency they need. She employs a communicative, task-based style of teaching to fully put new language to use.

Richard Wong, MSc: Math, Physics, and Chemistry

Richard has been helping others with homework since he was nine. He fell in love with teaching as a teaching assistant at UBC, while completing his Master's Degree in Physics. He enjoys experiencing the learning process and is passionate about guiding students through physics, as well as math and chemistry. Richard follows the latest physics education research to bring the concepts to life and help the student truly master the material. Having lived in Asia, Europe and North America, Richard pays special attention to accommodate a wide range of thinking and learning styles.

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Sarah Reimer: Mathematics

Sarah is pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Mathematics at the University of British Columbia. She has two years of tutoring experience and enjoys seeing students discover new concepts and deepen their understanding. She endeavors to relate concepts to students in a way that works best with their learning style and interest. Sarah can build a good connection with younger students to make Math a more fun subject for them.


For more information about our tutoring programs please email us at study@caneducation.com or give us a call at 604-731-9663 for a complimentary phone consultation and we’ll get back to you within 1 business day.