All CEN applications follow a standard application process, as outlined below.

If you are interested in the Graduate Application Process, refer to this section.


Step One: CEN Application Form

Complete online inquiry form that corresponds to your goals. Upon receipt of a response from CEN, complete official CEN Application Form, pay the fees and provide list of required documents.

Step Two: Evaluation

Once the student completes and submits the official CEN Application Form (including the fees) and all other requested documents, the student will receive an evaluation and Study Plan. The Study Plan takes into consideration the studentís educational goals and CENís recommended pathway to success.

Step Three: Secure Placement

The student needs to agree to the CEN study plan. Once this is done, CEN requests that students courier (DHL, FedEx, etc.) all of the necessary official documents to the CEN Head Office in Vancouver. Upon receipt of the package, CEN then begins the formal application processes, on behalf of the student, to the most suitable program and school and secures placement. CEN handles all questions or concerns that the institutions might have until an official Letter of Admission is received.

Step Four: Preparing for Studies in Canada and USA

Upon receiving the Official Letter of Admission, CEN will conduct a final check and forward a complete acceptance package to the student that will include:

- Letter of Admission (from school, college, or university)
- Information for Student Visa application
- Accommodation application (if CENís assistance is required)
- Any additional required information

While the student begins the Student Visa application process, CEN prepares for his or her arrival. This preparation includes finalizing the accommodation (if requested), studies, medical insurance (which is mandatory in Canada), Airport Reception (if requested), and any other requested services. CEN may also register students for classes and inform them of their course schedule and key dates.

Step Five: Arrival and Reception in Canada

Students who have chosen to study in Canada will be received at the airport, if requested, and provided with an orientation (at the CEN office or their school).

Students who register with CEN during their studies in Canada have full access to the CEN support services. These students, their parents and guardians are able to contact CEN staff at any time regarding questions or concerns about any aspect of their stay in Canada.


Graduate application process is complicated and lengthy, as placements are limited and very competitive; it requires extensive research, locating academic advisors and communication to secure a placement. The applicants are encouraged to read all admission requirements for their desired program and ensure that they meet all requirements before they proceed with the application form.

CEN Head Office Contact Information

Canadian Education Network (CEN)
Suite 209 Ė 2628 Granville Street
Vancouver, B.C. Canada, V6H 4B4
Tel: +1 604.731.9663
Fax: +1 604.732.5366
Email: info@caneducation.com
Web: www.caneducation.com

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