The Canadian Education Network (CEN) is pleased to provide a full range of comprehensive support services to assist international students before they leave their home country, upon their arrival, and during their stay. These services have been designed to provide the support necessary for student success and achievement. The following services are available to all students that register with CEN:

Application & Admission Services
CEN provides complete application and admission services to all educational institutions within Canada and the US.

Visa Application Assistance
CEN will ensure that every student has the necessary documentation to apply for and renew visas in Canada and the USA where applicable.

Medical Insurance (mandatory)
CEN will ensure that all students have been advised regarding adequate medical coverage throughout their stay.

Airport Reception
Airport pick-up services are available upon request.

CEN will provide all students with the necessary orientation to become familiar with the city, its laws, the transportation system, and all required services.

Writing Centre
Come by the office with written assignments for one-on-one support to improve your texts and your writing skills. Drop-ins and appointments welcome. For more details visit caneducation.com/writing-centre

Custodianship (mandatory for students under the age of 19)
CEN offers custodianship for students who are under the age of 19 years old, as required by Canadian law. This service is available only in select cities in the USA.

Accommodation Assistance
CEN provides a range of accommodation assistance, including homestay and on-campus residence.

Study Plans
CEN students are provided with a personalized Study Plan that maps the best route to meet the studentís educational goals.

Tutorial Support
CEN offers tutorial support in most subjects, including English, Business, Math, and Computers.

Academic Advising
CEN advisors are available to help students measure progress and meet educational goals.

Time Management and Study Skills
CEN advisors can help students better manage their time and build good study skills that lead to successful academic and professional careers.

Student Counselling
Being away from home can be tough. CEN counsellors are here to listen, offer guidance, and help resolve issues students may encounter.

Progress Reporting
CEN staff closely monitors our studentsí educational progress throughout the term.

Program Planning and Course Selection
CEN assists in helping students select their desired program and the courses required.

Transfer Credit Management
CEN can help the students determine which courses are likely to transfer to another university.

Telephone Services
CEN assists students in setting up a mobile phone plan based on communication needs.

This list is non exhaustive. For more information regarding CEN services, contact us today.

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