Graduate Programs


Post-grad programs such as graduate certificates and diplomas are one year in length and are offered in a vast number of fields of study. Admission are more relaxed admission requirements for master's degree programs. Tuition ranges from $10,500 to $14,000 for the 1-year program. Successful graduates of a Post-grad program are eligible to apply for a Post-Graduate Work Permit for up to 3 years. If you're interested in applying for a post-grad program click here.

Here is a complete list of available post-grad programs:

3D for Production Computer Animation
3D for Production Game Art & Design
Accounting & Information Technology
Advanced Investigations & Enforcement
Advanced Special Effect Makeup, Prosthetics, Props
Advanced Television & Film
Advanced Wines & Beverage Management
Advertising Copywriting
Advertising Management
Applied Electronics Design
Brand Management
Broadcasting Radio
Business Process Management
Clinical Research
College Teacher Training
Construction Management
Corporate Communications
Creative Book Publishing
Creative Writing Comic Scriptwriting
Creative Writing Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry
Culinary Arts - Italian
Database Application Developer
Design Management
Digital Design - Advanced Digital Design
Digital Design - Game Design
Early Childhood Education Special Needs
Electro Mechanical Design (Optional Co-op)
Emergency Management
Enterprise Database Management
Enterprise Software Development
Environmental Control
Event Management - Event & Exhibit Design
Exercise Science & Lifestyle Management
Financial Planning
Financial Services Practitioner
Food & Nutrition Management
Fraud Examination & Forensic Accounting
Fundraising & Volunteer Management
Global Business Management
Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management
Green Business Management
Health Informatics
Hospitality & Tourism Operations Management
Human Resources Management
Information Systems Business Analyst
Information Technology Solutions
Interactive Multimedia
Interdisciplinary Design Strategy
International Business Management
International Development
International Fashion Development &
International Marketing
Journalism - New Media
Manufacturing Management
Marketing Management
Marketing Management - Financial Services
Media for Global Professionals
Pharmaceutical Regulatory & Quality Operations
Professional Accounting Practice
Project Management
Project Management: Environmental
Public Administration
Public Relations
Quality Assurance - Manufacturing & Management
Regulatory Affairs
Research Commercialization
Small Business Entrepreneurship
Sport & Event Marketing
Strategic Relationship Marketing
Supply Chain Management
Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL)
& Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)
Technical Communication (Co-op)
Television Writing & Producing
Visual Effects for Film & Television
Web Design & Development
Wireless Networking
Wireless Telecommunications

If you're interested in applying for a post-grad program click here.