In order to travel to Canada, those who hold a passport other than Canadian nationality may require a visa to enter Canada. There are typically 3 types of visas which allow a temporary stay in Canada: Temporary Resident Visa (TRV), Study Permit, Work Permit. For detailed, current information on visas and immigration visit Citizenship & Immigration Canada's official website at cic.gc.ca.

The following information refers to Canada only. Information on visas to the USA will be provided upon request.

Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)
A Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) is a Canadian visa which allows for entry to Canada for the purpose of a temporary stay. Students who want to study English or short-term programs for 6 months or less, often need a TRV (visitors visa) before coming to Canada. Visitors from many countries require a TRV prior to traveling to Canada. A few select countries, do not need a visitors visa to enter Canada.

Study Permit
Aside from a TRV, which may be needed to enter Canada, those who plan on studying in Canada for longer than 6 months will likely require a Study Permit (student visa). In most cases, students should apply for a Study Permit through their local Canadian visa office, before traveling to Canada. A Study Permit is the visa document which allows the student stay in Canada temporarily for the purpose of studying.

Work Permit
Those wishing to work in Canada, must first obtain a Work Permit. In order to apply for a Work Permit, the applicant must be eligible under Canadian law. One of the simplest ways to get a Work Permit is to graduate from a Canadian college or university and apply for the post-graduation Work Permit. Students who complete a college or university program in Canada which lasted 8 months or longer may be eligible to apply for this Work Permit. For further details on this program, click here or email us at info@caneducation.com.

Those interested in immigrating to Canada are recommended to review the latest information on Immigration at the Citizenship & Immigration Canada website.

The above information is a paraphrased summary of recent Canadian visa regulations. For detailed, current Canadian visa information please visit Citizenship & Immigration Canada's official website at cic.gc.ca.